Fiesty Fondler (Reality Kings)

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Natalie was a bubbly 19-year-old who we could see was going to be lots of fun from the start. She was extremely playful and cute as she gave us some introductory knowledge. Natalie showed us her plump perky tits and phat juicy ass and left us begging for more. In the excitement of it all, she started to masturbate in anticipation. But she wasn't here to just play around. Natalie came to get a big cock, and Chris was just the one to bring it to her. He got her pussy juicy and ready, and then she grabbed a hold of him and sucked down as far as she could. Natalie was quite the treat and Chris couldn't get enough of her tight tantalizing taco. He pounded away on that pussy for a while and then gave her a little extra after her face and tits were already covered in cum.


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